Kamis, 15 Maret 2018

How to start earning NUGs tokens from the Nuggets airdrop campaign


1. Sign up for WeStart
2. Activate your account from the email sent to you by WeStart (Check spam folder)
3. You should land on the nuggets page, if not, click here: Nuggets Airdrop

Click on the image to enlarge!

4. Click the red "Participate in Airdrop" button.
5. Enter and submit your info. (If you do not have and ETH address, you can get one using MyEtherWallet)
6. YOU’RE READY TO GO! You will receive an additional 600 NUG tokens for every person your refer!
Your referral link will be sent to your email address. You can also find your referral link, with social sharing friendly options, by clicking on the "Referrals" tab.

Click on the image to enlarge!

Make sure you are signed up to the Nuggets Telegram channel. You must be subscribed to the telegram channel until the end of the token sale to be eligible to receive tokens.

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